Unicorn Dragon is the special purpose business line of Unicorn Royal Emirates that focuses on technology transfer using the region of UAE as the hub for international projects that center around sustainability, innovation and hi tech.

The areas the Unicorn Dragon focuses are:

  • Technology transfer
    PE investment in innovative.
  • companies that want to expand their markets internationally.
  • Green financing.

Unicorn Dragon can provide:

  • Multicultural team with european, middle eastern and chinese background.
  • Expertise in government and SOEs sponsored projects.
  • Wide network of professionals in the PE industry.
  • Access to sovereign funds and other financing pools.


Taking into account the role that both the EU and China are playing in promoting the common standards on sustainable finance, and the role that green financing is expected to play in the future of project finance, it has signed an agreement with EU China Trust to explore and promote the collaboration of the UAE in this area.