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UNICORN ROYAL EMIRATES is a worldwide real estate investment manager and operating partner. Unicorn´s focus is the acquisition and management of prime real estate located in key cities across Europe, USA and Africa. We search unique opportunities to develop and reposition, by implementing our view on the future and how we foresee his evolution. Unicorns are unique creatures that are shrouded in beauty, magic and dreams…this is what you can expect from our projects.

The Unicorn team has more than a century of combined business experience with more than €10 billion in transaction volume across Europe, Middle East and USA, building its track record, expertise, market knowledge, and local contacts.


Unicorn has a strong track record and a high skill team, Unicorn Royal Emirates Sàrl has sales offices in Madrid, Lisbon, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cape Town and incorporates joint ventures with companies from India, China, USA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Unicorn´s “connect-the-dots” approach is simple and efficient: we use our network to link investors, opportunities, and best-in-class local professional teams for optimum results. By fully understanding the investment criteria of our investment partners, we are able to deliver innovative business plans with strategic exit goals, maximizing returns according to risk profile, timeline, and cash flow requirements.


Our Aproach

Unicorn Royal Emirates Sàrl is creating a highly diversified investment portfolio with residential, commercial, hospitality projects, with a greater number of investments in the Iberian Peninsula (Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Algarve) and in special situations/distress assets in cities such as Rome, Venice, London, Vienna and others.




Unicorn Royal Emirates
is a worldwide real estate investment manager and operating partner

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